Constant Lumen Output

Throughout the duration of use of a LED fixture,  a decline in light output occurs. This is due to, among others, the  ageing of the materials, pollution in the surroundings and the failure of LEDS in the system. This is why when we calculate the life-cycle of LED fixtures, we use a retention factor. If the retention factor is 0.8, for example, this means you can expect a decline of 20% during the life-cycle.

In light calculations, LEDS are oversized because of he retention factor in order to reach the end of the life-cycle of the desired lumen output. In the example above, this has resulted in the new value of the lighting being 20% higher than the actually required value. So, the light is actually 20% brighter and the energy costs are 20% higher. The Constant Lumen Output (CLO) is the solution to this problem.

The CLO setting ensures that the LEDS are brought back down to the value that was desired when new. By gradually providing more power over the course of the life-cycle, the loss of light is corrected and the system always provides the same amount of light; the exact amount of light that was used as a desired starting point.