Body van 3D geprint mais. Made of a corn-based
organic compound.

The body of the VORTEX downlight is 3D-printed with an organic compound that is made of 100% renewable natural resources.

The casing is therefore biodegradable according to the European norm EN-13432.


Thanks to its revolutionary spring and a weight of only 350 grams, a mounting plate is no longer needed with soft ceilings!

The light weight of the VORTEX also means lower CO2 emissions during transport.

Available for delivery soon.

Packaging waste
is a thing of the past.

The best waste is no waste. That is why we make it possible for you to receive the VORTEX and ZIP moduul 60 fixtures in our Zero Waste trolleys.

Once the delivery has been completed, we will pick up the trolleys so they can be re-used!

7 year guarantee +
2021 Energy Investment deduction
on all our fixtures.

ZIP moduul 60

Insert fixture for the 60x60 cm ceiling system.

Extremely energy efficient  •  160 lm/W net light output  •  No packaging waste with the Zero Waste trolley  •  100,000 hours of light (L100B50)  •  Installed in a jiffy  •  7-year guarantee

ZIP ceiling grid

Artificial Intelligence enabled.

Our DNA.

An iceberg is more than just the visible peak that protrudes over the water surface and our products are more than just the visible result.

Sustainability is not visible, but essential for preserving the incredible planet we live on.

Yuugn loves nature and that is why we do our very best to make sustainable products.


High-quality technologies ensure energy efficiency, innovative materials and production methods guarantee environmental protection.

Produced locally.

By producing locally, we keep the transport mileage of the product to a minimum and reduce the CO2 footprint.

Responsible packaging.

With environment-friendly packaging or even no packaging at all, we limit the impact our products on the environment.

yūgen [幽玄]
/y-uu-g-ai-n/ n.

The mysterious sensation you feel when you are one with nature.